Corporate Social Responsibility: Actors from the event industry are increasingly socially responsible – Focus on caterers _ Designed by pvproductions / Freepik

While organizing events, event agencies have to work with multiple suppliers. From hospitality to catering, through signage, technical equipment or animations, the scope of an event agency is wide and the providers are numerous.

This is why, when choosing the catering providers, taking CSR issues into account is becoming crucial. Event agencies want to further limit their environmental and societal impact. This awareness implies offering strategic propositions and eco-responsible actions contributing to the sustainable development of the event. This eco-responsibility is reflected in the offers made by service provider, and most importantly by caterers.

Committed caterers: the well being culture

The French way of life is reflected in the French cuisine. Organic and local products, with a high focus on the traceability for the food served to attendees, all these elements are part of a global trend: being Eco-friendly.

To follow these consumer trends, but also out of belief, a large majority of caterers are engaged through sustainable development policies and Corporate Social Responsibility to offer products in line with their philosophy.

For those committed caterers, the reflection begins with the choice of products and materials used including the recycling methods. They select products from short circuits, local producers, organic farming, without pesticides or antibiotics for meat, etc. They also offer packaging and containers that are recycled, reusable and in wood fiber or bamboo.

Eco-friendly labels and certifications

To encourage these actions, some organizations are certified to reward those caterers by granting them Eco-friendly labels or certifications, such as the ISO 20121 certification or the ‘Qualitraiteur’ label.

It appears that the Eco-responsibility is no longer just a responsible attitude towards the natural resources of the environment, but also a state of mind, a global approach in which everyone is free to engage or not.

It is also this massive mobilization of various actors and resources that inevitably brings up the question of Eco-responsibility in the event industry. Great challenges are in perspective within the event industry.


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