Trade fairs, congresses, product launches, inaugurations: High visibility events

The presence of your company on a trade show is the best way to make yourself known to a large number of professionals, to assert the notoriety of your brand within your industry, but also to meet your customers and prospects, or to showcase your innovative solutions in preview. For this, you can choose to participate in an existing trade show or even to organize your own.


A product launch, an “open day”, an inauguration or a press conference are all events highlighting your company and your expertise, in order to communicate effectively with your targets.

The organization of these brand awareness events requires precise and controlled logistics, significant creativity and foolproof responsiveness.

Support on trade shows and congresses

Support on trade shows and congresses

With an excellent knowledge of the various trade shows and congresses, Rouge Vif Events can assist you to choose a trade show according to your objectives and your targets.
We support you in the process of setting up your participation with the negotiation of your booth reservation, then we reflect with our artistic directors, scenographers and stand builders to design a booth in your image, demonstrating your products and solutions in an effective and innovative way. We also take care of the preparation of your communication tools, as well as all logistics related to your participation.
To optimize your presence on the show, we will use the best ideas to highlight your image and to draw attention to your booth by implementing original and attractive animations, generating traffic to your booth. We will also bring you solutions to make your presence an acquisition action to enrich your database and to gain brand awareness. We can also manage the planning of your business appointments to coordinate all meetings.

Organization of trade shows and congresses

Organization of trade shows and congresses

Organizing your own congress or trade show is the perfect opportunity to unite your prospects and customers around your company and your partners.
However, organizing your own trade show requires significant organization and a clear strategy. For this, Rouge Vif Events can help you define a strong theme for your show.
We will then support you on the entire implementation of your show, from looking for exhibitors and managing relations with your partners, to all the logistics, but also looking for speakers and preparing the communication on your event.
Beyond content, it is essential to bring light to the show with unifying activities and dedicated moments to gather the participants and encourage discussions.

Product launch

Organization of a product launch

Create interest around a product that is not even unveiled yet is a delicate task. You must create curiosity and interest with a teasing and then surprise with a unique and impacting event.
Rouge Vif Events  supports you to create an event with a dedicated staging of your product to make an impression and generate positive feedback. According to the image you want to give your company, we will adapt the theme of the product launch and offer original concepts to create the unexpected.
A successful product launch must establish a true experience around the product, which can go through custom animations encouraging your guests to interact with your product.

Press conference

Organization of a press conference

Product launch, new acquisition, partnership, major project … Communicating on major information through a press conference allow to benefit from considerable influence. 
Before organizing a press conference, it is important to ensure that you have important news of interest to the press and the public, as well as to have enough content to give to journalists.
Then, you must organize, with flawless logistics, an event highlighting your company and your brand image. For this, Rouge Vif Events supports you on the choice of venue, the technical organization, logistics and catering, the invitation process, the relations with the journalists, the preparation of the press kit, even coaching your speakers.

"Open days" and inaugurations

Organization of “Open Days” and inaugurations

Open days and inaugurations are great opportunities to meet your customers, partners and prospects and to introduce them to your activities.
New offices, a new acquisition, or a new activity are all opportunities to communicate on the change and dynamism of your company with a remarkable event. 
This is a real communication opportunity to show your expertise , your technology, your innovation, or your new working methods.
Rouge Vif Events supports you in the organization of your “Open Days” and inaugurations with a tailor-made program according to the messages you want to convey, as well as flawless organization.

Conferences, workshops, user clubs, partner events : important moments to convey your messages

These events allow you to move your interactions from virtuality to reality, engraving the messages and the strategy of your company in the minds of your customers and partners.

The purpose of this kind of event is to attract a target audience, to convey a key message and to create a strong link with the participants.

To take advantage of this kind of event, Rouge Vif Events supports you in order to better target the participants according to your objectives, and to adapt the format accordingly.

Partner Events

Organization of partner events

Partner events have become very popular recently, especially because they allow you to enhance your relationships with your partners, as well as improve the solutions that you develop together, or share the costs associated with the organization of the event.
Rouge vif Events supports you in the organization of your partner events by taking care of the coordination and funding with the partners and by organizing moments of presentation aiming to convey messages, moments of discussion in thematic workshops according to the various topics and lastly social moments to strengthen relationships. 


Organization of a Roadshow

The roadshow is the ideal event format to reach customers, distributors and partners by organizing encounters at a local level.
After a strategic selection of the destinations of your roadshow, Rouge Vif Events will set up for you a suitable plan for the deployment of your event project. 
Through careful preparation, Rouge Vif Events orchestrates your roadshow to ensure consistent implementation and events of equal quality across all cities or countries. In this purpose, we rely on our local trusted partners, as well as your local networks for smooth coordination.

User Club

Organization of User Clubs

Moment of discussions, the User Club is an excellent shared performance tool. Through regular encounters with users of your services or solutions, you can both deliver messages in privileged conditions and have real feedback from your users.
These events help maintain close contact with the field and make it easier to trace possible malfunctions, to analyze the changes requested by your customers and their suggestions for improvements, or even to anticipate future needs.
Rouge Vif Events will create for you the ideal conditions for your User Clubs with adapted formats, original and informal venues, as well as activities to strengthen the customer relationship.


Organization of thematic workshops

Thematic workshops are excellent tools to show your expertise, present your innovative solutions, answer questions and encourage exchanges. 
This kind of event, dedicated to your products and solutions, allows to convey your messages in optimal conditions, around key themes and words of experts, bringing real added value to the participants. Your participants can discover and test more concretely your products and solutions, while you are building relationships with them around social moments.
Rouge Vif Events will advise you on the format according to your objectives, on the venue according to your expectations, or on the animation according to your targets.


Organization of conferences

The conference allows to bring together clients and partners by providing them with attractive content around a promising theme in order to initiate dialogue.
The conference must be dynamic and interactive, with relevant speakers, and a format adapted to your messages. 
Rouge Vif Events advises you on the format of your conference according to your objectives and brings you original and interactive animation concepts, such as a question box, an illustrator, or a form of theater.


Organization of seminar

To convey your messages or strategies to your customers, distributors or service providers, the seminar is an effective tool which allow you to highlight the company’s expertise and to build customer loyalty.
The seminar provides an original and attractive way of presenting the company’s expertise and innovations, informing customers and even triggering new needs for them.
For a successful seminar, Rouge Vif Events helps you to showcase your strategies in optimal conditions by choosing the right venue, the right theme, the right speakers, etc.

Customer events: share a special moment with your customers and prospects

Organizing a customer event is a fun and memorable way to unite key people, customers and prospects, around your business.

Meeting your clients is essential in maintaining your relationship with them. In the age of digital and virtual networks, real encounters are moments all the more expected and appreciated by your customers.

These moments allow you to build customer loyalty, to thank them, to strengthen the links with them, but also to learn to know them better in order to improve your knowledge of your customers and prospects.

Customer Day / Evening

Organization of customer day / evening

Customer days or evenings are great opportunities to bring your customers together for moments of sharing and discussing. Whether prestigious or friendly, classic or atypical, simple or original, customer events are the best way to build customer loyalty and to create relationships.
Some key moments can be very good reasons to invite your customers, such as a trade show bringing together the major players in your industry, a significant moment for your company, an important event at national or international level, etc.
Rouge Vif Events supports you in the organization of your customer events by offering tailor-made concepts, with a real “attractive power” to capture the interest of highly sought after targets and offer them a memorable moment.

VIP Events

Organization of VIP events


By rewarding the loyalty of your best customers, you establish lasting relationships with them and create a bond of trust that will ultimately make a difference against your competitors.
VIP events are an excellent way to generate encounters with your most sought-after targets, because of the appeal of the invitation and the “unmissable” nature of the event.
Rouge Vif Events selects for you a wide range of VIP programs tailored to your goals and targets. Exceptional events, whether by the choice of venue, the proposed program or the exceptional nature of the event. Your guests will feel privileged from the moment they receive their invitation until they are given a memorable gift.


Organization of a customers’ offsite


In order to offer an interactive working time outside company walls and to strengthen the relationship with your customers, an offsite is an excellent tool to promote brainstorming and decision-making in a less formal context. It can also allow for confidential discussions on a common strategy in a closed neutral environment.
Rouge Vif Events has a wide range of atypical venues to organize your seminars offsite, such as lofts, private apartments, estates in the countryside… These events will be organized around interactive work time, relaxation time and social time.

Internal events: key moments in the life of your company

Seminar, incentive trip, team building, Christmas tree, company party… So many kinds of events are at your disposal to strengthen the links between your teams, to stimulate them, to thank them, to unite them and to strengthen the cohesion within your company.

Your teams should drive your business. Their motivation, their involvement and their enthusiasm have a real influence on your results, which is why internal events are one of the key factors for the smooth running of your business, to motivate your teams and share your values.


Organization of seminar

Seminars are effective tools for the smooth running of the business in order to gather your employees around a specific topic to convey strategic messages, but also to federate your teams and motivate them.
A successful seminar combines working time with dynamic interventions to convey messages, relaxing time with fun activities on team spirit and cohesion, and social time.
Whether short or long, residential or not, nearby or far away, each seminar is unique and Red Vif Events will support you in the organization of every detail, from the venue choice to technical equipment, including the organization of animations, catering, accomodation…

Internal Day / Evening

Organization of internal day / evening


Internal events for a day or an evening are a great way to unite your employees, to thank them, to strengthen their sense of belonging to the company, or to allow them to live collectively a important step in the business’s life.
Above all, an internal day or evening must be a friendly and dynamic moment. Whether you make it classic, offset, unconventional, original or luxurious, many solutions are available.
Depending on your objectives, Rouge Vif Events supports you in the creation of a tailor-made concept, by offering original venues and animations which will boost your event and will remain engraved in the memory of the participants.

Team Building

Organization of a team building

Team building is a real lever to increase productivity within your company as it improves the quality of work and the cohesion among your employees.
A successful team building combines several objectives: share moments between employees, create strong relationships, develop collaborative attitudes, strengthen the sense of belonging to the company, all achieved through fun and friendly activities.
Whether the team building is organized around sports, gastronomy, art or culture, Rouge Vif Events will offer innovative and original activities, adapted to your objectives and your participants, allowing them to live a collective adventure. 

Incentive Trip

Organization of an incentive trip

Do you want to reward your sales forces who have achieved their goals? Do you want to motivate or stimulate your teams? Rouge Vif Events supports you in the organization of your incentive trips in worldwide ! 
Depending on your needs, your challenges and your values, we will imagine your tailor-made program. With an thorough knowledge of many countries around the world, our agency will be able to offer you an exceptional trip in line with the message you want to convey. Our creativity is unlimited to enhance your teams, organize unifying group activities, offer them a getaway feeling and above all give them an unforgettable experience. 


Organization of an internal offsite

In order to allow an interactive working time outside the walls of the company and to reinforce team spirit, the offsite is an excellent tool to encourage brainstorming and decision-making in a less formal setting. It can also allow for the confidential exchange of company strategies in a neutral, closed environment.
Rouge Vif Events has a wide range of unusual venues to organize your work seminars in offsite, such as lofts, private apartments, countryside estates… These events will be organized around interactive working moments, relaxing moments and social moments.

Christmas / New Year Party

Organization of a Christmas / New Year Party

A Christmas or New Year Party is a highlight in the company’s life and an excellent opportunity to gather all your employees in a festive and friendly atmosphere. It is also a way to thank your employees and to reinforce their cohesion and their sense of belonging to the company.
Gathering all of your employees during a day or evening can quickly become a majortask, which is why Rouge Vif Events supports you in the selection of a venue, the definition of a concept or a theme at your image, and in the flawless logistics organization of your event.

Corporate anniversary

Organization of a corporate anniversary

Organizing a company anniversary is not only a way to celebrate several years of existence, but also to thank your teams and to communicate on the sustainability of your company. 
A corporate anniversary can also be an excellent reason to communicate externally and to showcase your company. If that is your goal, our agency will be able to implement an adapted event solution, with an impactful scenography and format.
To make your corporate anniversary an exceptional moment, Rouge Vif Events will support you in the creation of a concept according to your objectives and the identity of your company, and will adapt this concept through exceptional animations, venue and organization.

Institutional events and public events : at the center of territorial strategies

Public meetings, workshops, meetings, forums, seminars, conferences, field trips… All these event formats represent a high added value tool serving institutional stakeholders and the general public to meet different objectives: working together to improve public policies, mobilizing, informing, exchanging, and so much more.

These events may cover different topics or themes such as urban planning, sustainable development, public and institutional action, mobility, Europe, network animation, territorial strategy and projects, etc.

Rouge Vif Events works on these events in close collaboration with Rouge Vif Territoires which has proven expertise in animation and consultation.


Organization of a seminar

A seminar is organized around plenary sessions and workshops. 
Plenary sessions are a highlight of the event and allow for political interventions to institutionalize the debates. These sequences are also used to allow representatives to debate or to provide general information and present the issues to the entire public before further work is carried out in the workshops.
Workshops, in turn, allow, in small groups, either to address in a particular way a sub-theme of the event, or to produce solutions, proposals or guidance. They can be a conducive place to the presentation of projects and concrete experiences while including times to discuss. These workshops may also be the subject of a restitution of the work in plenary session.
Rouge Vif Events organizes the logistics of the seminars from A to Z, taking into account the accessibility of the venue, the quality of the setting, the functionality of the facilities, the quality of the meals, etc.

Public meeting

Organization of a public meeting

Public meetings are the hallmark and central element of a public consultation and are used in public debates and inquiries. They give citizens the opportunity to express themselves, thus enabling public decision-makers to complete their information and to integrate the demands that are expressed.
The organization of public meetings has two closely related dimensions, content and setting, substance and form, or logistical organization and organization of the discussions.  These two dimensions call upon a range of skills all represented within the Groupe Rouge Vif.
Rouge Vif Events will support your public meetings with the communication, registrations monitoring, welcoming of the participants, technical production and logistics coordination. 


Organization of forum

Forums aims to highlight the presence and role of a project’s partners, actors or project leaders. These events allow participants to gather information and discuss an issue, a theme or an experience in a more informal and friendly way.
Rouge Vif Events can provide turnkey solutions for the organization of forums with the support of general and logistics coordination, participants’ coordination, as well as the management of layout and scenography of the event spaces.

Field trip

Organization of field trips

Field trips are the concrete and vivid illustration of an action or practice and must give « to see » and « to hear » on the actions.
They are the opportunity to get out of the meeting place to continue discussions in a different way, breaking the pace of plenary sessions and workshops. Their selection must therefore be done with meticulous care.
Rouge Vif Events pays special attention to the relevance and feasibility of these visits : optimal size of the group or groups of « visitors », smooth organization of the tranportation to the site, welcoming conditions on site to receive explanations and engage in a constructive discussion with the operation’s leader in the best material conditions.